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Manon Wines

Posted: Jan 14 2016

Manon are Tim Weber and Monique Millton, they are wonderful, passionate vibrant people living in the Adelaide Hills, doing amazing things with grapes. In a past life Tim was a sommelier and also a chef, he was a part owner of Love Tilly Devine in Sydney, but moved to the Adelaide Hills to slow his life down. He started The Holler Patch on Anton Van Klopper’s property, and here Tim and Mon grew amazing vegetables, herbs and foraged for edible natives, for a lot of the top restaurants in Adelaide. Mon, originally from New Zealand is the daughter of the Milltons from Millton Wines in Gisborne, NZ. Her family are very strong advocates of biodynamics and are at the helm of the movement in NZ. With this as her grounding, Mon has travelled the world making wines and doing vintages, most recently in Italy. Together these two are a force to be reckoned with. Here is their first release.

Manon 'Wild Nature White' 2015 Adelaide Hills SA

This is an amazing Sauvignon Blanc, like you’ve never tasted it before. Tim and Mon found a wild, unpruned, untamed vineyard and were compelled to see what the fruit could do. The result is amazing. The wine is stalky and tannic with big, ripe fruits and depth and acidity. A contrast of bursts of summer fruit, nectarines, peaches, passion fruit, with a savoury herbalness of green capsicum, unripe pears and summer sea air. Ridiculously interesting and super smashable this is a fantastic drink.

Manon She Blushes Gris 2015 Adelaide Hills SA

Pinot Gris with a little skin, a little stalk and a lot of flavour. A ‘cocktail’ of juicy red apples, sweet cherries, with the bitterness of an orange rind and the tartness of rhubarb. The palate is weightless, almost bouncing along your tongue, leaving burst of flavour and dripping acidity. Gooseberries and raspberries come out to play with a woody herbal nature, keeping this delightful little Gris savoury and textural.

Manon Love Lies Bleedings 2015 Adelaide Hills SA

A stalky, crunchy really light, pretty Pinot Noir. The wine is spicy and tart, pink grapefruit with unripe raspberries and cooling, spicy minerality that leaves your mouth watering and your tongue wagging. This is the boisterous, fun loving little brother of the Pinot Noir. An awesome refreshing wine, best served chilled on a hot summer's day.

Manon Pinot Noir 2015 Adelaide Hills SA

A fuller, darker fruited wine to the Love Lies Bleedings, but still has the same energy coursing through it’s veins. This wine is pretty and elegant. Black cherries, ripe raspberries and rhubarb. Slatey minerality, and a dank earthiness, cool spices with a herbal finish. This Pinot is beautiful and seductive, high energy but always restores a sense of calm to my days.

Manon Wild Nature Red 2015 Adelaide Hills SA

Wild in nature, with so much energy and electricity. The fruit is mostly Pinot from a wild, unpruned vineyard in the Adelaide Hills, there is also a touch of Merlot and a bit a Riesling thrown in for good measure. The result is a fantastic, sour, sinewy wine that is full of flavour and bounce. The Riesling acts as the backbone, giving it structure and tension, while the rounded silkiness of the Merlot balances the tart grippiness of the Pinot. It’s a wild time, and it’s definitely worth it.



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