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Chapter Wines

Posted: Oct 15 2015

The Next Chapter...

Jarad Curwood is an artist with a paint brush turned artist with grape juice. Coming out of a fine arts degree, Jarad started working at City Wine Shop in Melbourne. There he fell in love with wine, and being as creative and expressive as he is, decided that talking about wines was not enough and wanted to become more hands on and tell his own story.

He spent a vintage in Northern Rhone working under Pierre Gillard, before returning to Victoria and working three vintages under Adam Marx from Bress Wine and Cider in Harcourt, Victoria. Although Jarad had no formal training in winemaking and viticulture he felt that he would learn much more about vintage variation and grapes by working with the same fruit and the same person for a few years.

From this Chapter Wines was born. The idea behind it was never to have a house style, rather to be true to the vintage and the vineyard, to be able to move and pick a new area when one chapter will come to an end and another chapter will begin. This Chapter is all about Heathcote and Upper Yarra. The fruit is organic more because he wants to see where it will go, and the wines are made without additions apart from some having a touch of sulphur.

Jarad Curwood of Chapter Wines | Victoria

He is definitely an artist and a poet when it comes to making wine. All of his wines have a sense of beauty and finesse, but are kept interesting with an underlying darker side.

All of the new releases are really bright and juicy. The have a vibrancy and freshness about them. Lower in alcohol, big on flavour and meant simply to be drank and enjoyed.


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