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Domaine de Belle Vue

Posted: Oct 01 2015


If I had to pick one producer that epitomises summer it would have to be Jerome Bretaudeau  Domaine de Belle Vue in the Loire Valley. The wines are fresh, clean juicy and bright. So bright you might need sunglasses to drink them. There isn't a person I have met that hasn't liked these little gems and the value for money is outstanding. Definitely wines we love to have around for when a friend pops over or a cheeky Wednesday night glass on the verandah.

Domaine de Belle Vue was born in 2005, After finishing school Jerome worked as a chef de culture or Vineyard director for 13 years, before trying his hand at winemaking for people such as Jo Landron at Domaine de la Louvetrie. He then took over a couple of Hectares of family land in the Village of Gétigné, working there on weekends and holidays, little by little he has acquired 9 hectares of land, all in different villages with different grape varieties and soil types.

Jerome's winemaking philosophy is minimal intervention and he puts extreme importance into the soil health and care for the vines. His yields are low and everything is harvested by hand and made with love. These wines are definite stars coming out the Loire Valley, from the cool oyster shell Muscadets, to the tart cranberry Cabernet Franc and the grassy, mineral, Sauvignon Gris. There is a common direct minerality running through all of his wines, they all have a lip smacking acidity and really bright, juicy fruit.

They are wines we love to have around, we hope you love them too...

Domaine de Belle Vue 'Gabbro' | Melon de Bourgogne 2014 | Muscadet France

This is a crisp, easy, vibrant dry wine from the Loire Valley. With loads of lemon and lime zesty acidity and a green apple crunchiness this little Muscadet is the perfect aperitif wine to wake your taste buds up. A beautiful minerality and a awesome freshness make this wine a staple in the rack.


Domaine de Belle Vue | Sauvignon Gris 2014 | Loire Valley France

A serious and structural wine from the black skinned Sauvignon Gris grape. The wine is intense and mineral, white pepper and Indian spices with cut grass and capsicum. Extremely savoury and a slight grip on the back make this wine really interesting, and something we have kept coming back to. A a strong minerality and a commanding acidity mean this wine is perfect with food.

Domaine de Belle Vue ‘Granit’ | Melon de Bourgogne 2014 | Muscadet France

As you would expect from the name the 'Granit' this wine has a mouthwatering minerality and juicy acidity. The fruit is plush and bouncy, nectarines, mangoes and a little salty a nice oiliness rounds this wine off beautifully and counterbalances the crunchy apple and lemon zest on the finish. Always a favourite, this wine is great with salads and fish, but just as good on it's own.

Domaine de Belle-Vue | Pinot Gris 2014 | Loire Valley France.

This wine is fresh and lean with a great minerality. Zippy in nature and with hints of pear skins  and green melons, it is fruity but dry. White flowers and green apples give it a nice crunchy acidity and it has a bit of a spritz when first opened. This is a perfect spring time wine, light and fun with a little elegance draped over the top.

Domaine de Belle Vue 'Miam Miam' | Cabernet Franc 2014 | Loire Valley France

Miam means 'yum' in French and this is what this wine is. It's yum, fresh, bright and extremely drinkable. Bright red fruits, cranberries, raspberries and strawberries, violets, crunchy acidity and a beautiful minerality make this wine lip-puckeringly great!


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