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Commune Of Buttons 2015 Winter Releases

Posted: Aug 05 2015

This time last year Commune Of Buttons burst out into the Natural Wine Scene and made a huge splash! This is their second release and just in time for the change of seasons. The wines are pure, juicy and all sit somewhere between smashy and thinky, but always delicious.

Commune of Buttons is made up of brother and sister Jasper and Sophie and Jasper's partner Stella. Jasper and his family have been growing grapes for over 20 years and the 'kids' have decided to take the next step into winemaking. Most of the work is done in the vineyard to produce the best foundation for their wines. Their philosophy is small and dedicated, their wines are fresh and juicy and their intentions are pure. The idea behind Commune of Buttons is to make wines with likeable flavours that aren't too intellectual. They wanted to make wines you could drink every day and just enjoy without pretension.

Commune of Buttons 'Three Whites' 2015 White Blend, Adelaide Hills, SA

A deliciously aromatic, yet super savoury blend of Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. This wine is full of contrasting flavours that come together to make something really drinkable and interesting. Salty sake notes play with savoury lychee and Turkish delight. A rolling acidity with an aniseed finish and sage and mint leaves. This is an awesome wine that brings something totally different and pleasantly unexpected to the table.

Commune of Buttons 'Gris St Mary' 2015 Pinot Gris, Adelaide Hills, SA

Pinot Gris left of skins for 7 days to give it an electric pink purple colour, a nice playful tannin and a savoury edge. This wine is really fresh and easy drinking with a distinctive wild strawberry flavour and a nice lick of spice. Raspberries, liquorice and violets make this wine cool, refreshing and beautiful.

Commune of Buttons 'Field Of Sparrows' 2015 Red Blend, Adelaide Hills, SA

A brilliant spring red with a slurpy, bouncy texture. Wild strawberries, sour plums and cranberries. This wine is full of fruit but fresh and savoury. A little spice and a lot of drinkability, the field of Sparrows playful, fun and full of smashy goodness.


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