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Ruggabellus New Releases

Posted: Jul 16 2015

Ruggabellus new vintages

Abel and Emma are a beautiful couple and we have had the absolute pleasure of watching them grow into the outstanding winemakers that they are today. We met them what seems like ages ago, before the Ruggabellus brand was born. Abel has been in the Barossa for longer than he can remember and coming from a winemaking family he has been surrounded by the delicious juice all his life. He has worked for Penfolds, Rockfords, Charles Melton, Chris Ringland and finally Spinifex before taking the leap to start Ruggabellus which means Rugged Beauty.

Abel won the young gun of wine awards in 2012 after just a couple of vintages on his own. They produce superb wines that offer a truth and a narrative of the land, the grapes and people involved. Rarely do you see such connectedness between winemaker's philosophy, the land they work, the people they draw from and the styles of wine.

Abel is a self proclaimed pinot noir lover and he sets out to make his wines light and fine with a core of crunchy acidity awash with savoury characters and movement. All of the wines are different blends of Syrah, Grenache, Mataro and Cinsault with each showing a different lens at which to look at the picture painted by Ruggabellus collective. These wines are great for drinking now, but will heavily reward the patience of cellaring.


Ruggabellus Fluus Grenache Mataro Cinsault Syrah 2014 Barossa Valley SA $28

This is probably the lightest and juiciest of all the vintages of Fluus, we also think it is our favourite. The 2014 is juicy but spicy, loads of brambles and blackcurrants. Delicious dark fruits with a burst of bright red berries in the middle. Just the right amount of stalky tannin to make this awesome quaffer perfect on its own, but then again we wouldn't say no to a little snack to go with it.


Ruggabellus Timaeus Grenache Mataro Cinsault 2014 Barossa Valley SA. $45

Light in flavour but really powerful, this Grenache dominant little number has a delicious rolling acidity and is packed with spice. Woody herbs, native thyme and wild brambly goodness. This wine is lighter in alcohol than the other Ruggabellus releases from this vintage but it has a silky tannin and a real finesse.

Ruggabelus Efferus Mataro Grenache Syrah Cinsault 2014 Barossa Valley SA.  $45

This wine has a distinctive dark chocolate bitterness with the silky smoothness to match. Soft tannins and dark fruit make the Efferus seductive and mineral. Crunchy acidity and black pepper spice and black cherries, this wine opens up really nicely and is great with food.

Ruggabellus Archaeus Syrah Grenache Mataro Cinsault 2014 Barossa Valley SA.  $45

A dark, earthy, deliciously mineral and herbal Syrah dominant blend. With loads of spice and grippy tannin. This is a brilliant food wine, with a mouthwatering slatey, woody herb bitterness on the finish. Dark fruit, blueberries and blackcurrants. The Archaeus is robust and meaty and will be a great ager.


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