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The Hottest Wine Hundred...

Posted: Mar 26 2015

A world without music would be almost as dull as a world without wine. Music, like wine stirs up a whole world of emotions and memories, in an instant it can take us back to happier times, put a tear in our eye, make us jump, sing, act like an idiot. Music wakes us up, chills us out and focuses us.

V15 is drawing closer to the time when the winemakers can put all of their new creations to rest, let them to come together, take shape, and grow into the delicious wines we will soon drink. We've asked a whole lot of winemakers what their soundtrack to this vintage has been and why.

Here is what they have said...


Jasper Button from Commune Of Buttons
Tv On The Radio 'Return to Cookie Mountain' because you can sing along, it's loud and it's fun! Listen Here

Travis Tausend from TT Wines
Steely Dan 'Countdown to Ecstasy' because it's just the right 'blend' of funk, soul, blues, rock and... And Your Gold Teeth is one of the best songs ever. Listen Here

Gareth Belton from Gentle Folk Wines
Gareth says 'An awesome album called 'Let there be Funk: Rare 70's Heavy Duty Funk'. There's an amazing song called 'Potential' by The Jimmy Castor Bunch. Listen Here

Alex Schulkin from The Other Right
The Pixies 'Indy Cindy'. It's wild, edgy and surreal. Inspiring me to dare and not overthink things, and making me realise great things don't have to have a literal meaning. Just like some wines can't be put into words. Listen Here

Steve Crawford who is Frederick Stevenson Wines is going for Sigur Rós 'Takk'. He says that it's great when you're tired because it floats along, but the loud parts wake you up and get you going. It's very versatile. Listen Here

Fraser McKinley from Sami Odi
Face to Face 'Don't Turn Away' is my all time favourite, and Slightly Stoopid 'Everything I Need' is another. Both great to go into harvest with. The 'Like A Version' was fantastic, TLC's Waterfalls by I Know Leopard will go down as the 2015 harvest soundtrack for me. Listen Here

Taras Ochota from Ochota Barrels
'A cool band from Melbourne called Total Control has an album called 'Typical System'. They just nail it with an Australian early eighties post punk kind of sound, rooted in individual lyric, sick drumming and the best downward stroke monotony I've heard for a while. Perfect plunging tunes...' Listen Here

Amber Ochota from Ochota Barrels who makes the Home Pinot goes in a slightly different direction with Cut Copy. She says 'Cut Copy is an absolute favourite. As soon as I hear them I am filled with energy and love and memories of good people and good times.' Listen Here

Michael Downer from Murdoch Hill Winery
'LCD Sound System 'Sound of Silver' always helps me smash out a plunging round. Beck 'The Information' chills me out for a barrel filling session. Listen Here

Kerri Thompson from Wines by KT
'My go to album is Massive Attack 'Blue Lines'. My first ever vintage album back in 93 at Quelltaler in Watervale... ripe ole age of 20. It always reminds me of where I started and how much I have to learn.' Listen here

David Freschi from Casa Freschi
'Radiohead 'In Rainbows', it's high energy, drama and moodiness (a little like me at the moment)' Listen Here

Anthony from Gestalt Wines
'The one getting the biggest workout at the moment is Japanese composer Jun Miyake's Lost Memory Act 2. It's meticulously produced, moves through several genres, combines native instruments and electronic elements, and is all about balance, contrast, texture and mood. There might be a parallel to the wine in there somewhere.' Listen Here (act 1, act 2 unavailable on the inter webs)

Gill Gordon Smith from Fall from Grace
'Echo and The Bunny Men - Killing Moon. John Martyn - Solid Air. Anything by Curtis Mayfield. These albums range from thoughtful and peaceful to atmospheric, funk and dance - it's about the changes in pace and is basically a soundtrack to my life so far. Makes me relax and focus and takes me places as I imagine how the wines are going to end up.' Listen Here

Pat Sullivan from Patrick Sullivan Wines can't go past Beggars Banquet by The Rolling Stones. Listen Here

Dave Mackintosh from Arfion
'When I need to calm down I listen to Bob Marley, if I need to push through tired moments and just need to plunge one more tank I listen to Punk like Eddy Current Suppression Ring. During mellower vintage periods I'll listen to blues or blues inspired stuff. I think I'm addicted to "Every Damn Time" by Black Diamond Heavies. Released in '07 but still has a shitload of energy to it! Listen Here

Tom and Sally Belford from Bobar Wines
Guns and Roses - Appetite For Destruction. A couple of vintages ago the disk was stuck in the ute stereo. The day we picked the Syrah, Sal was doing the run back and forth from the vineyard, picking the fruit, strapping it down, driving it to the winery, eating pies, all day long with GnR belting out all the way. That album stayed in the ute for months more, it was played every time we had to move barrels or bins or other heavy shit. Listen Here

Dave Caporaletti from Architects of Wine
I'm always listening to Triple J. I've been quite a fan of their "Like A Version" album of late so that gets played a bit on road trips to the vineyards. If I'm in the mood to get amped up a bit, some Tool or System of A Down never goes astray. Other artists that feature regularly are Daft Punk, Phoenix, Róisín Murphy, PNAU and George Benson. A pretty varied bunch. Listen Here

As for me, if I were to choose my top 5 Vintage Albums they would have to be.

Iggy and The Stooges - Raw Power 

Chicago Transit Authority - Chicago Transit Authority

Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks 1964-1971

Radiohead - King of Limbs

Greenday - Dookie

All of these lift me up, make me sing really loudly, make me jump up and down and put a huge smile on my face! 


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