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Introducing Commune of Buttons...

Posted: Mar 05 2015

Commune of Buttons is a brand new small outfit room Basket Range. Jasper Button and his family have been growing grapes for other people for the last 20 years on their 60 acre piece of land and last year they decided to follow the natural progression and make some wine for themselves. The idea come to Jasper 3 years ago when he was drinking a bottle of Anton Van Klopper (who he sells Pinot Grapes to) red table blend. Jasper said it just made sense to him. From then Jasper and his partner Stella wanted to create wines with likeable flavours that aren't too intellectual. They wanted to make wines you could drink every day and just enjoy without pretension.

Their philosophy is small and dedicated. They would rather spend more time in the vineyard and the winery than use machinery and cut corners. They believe that winemaking is complicated enough without adding and manipulating flavours. They compare making wine to making pizza. The dough is only 4 ingredients, but it takes time and love to make the perfect base, and the best pizzas are always the simplest ones with the most care taken.

Even though this is the first vintage from the commune of Buttons I think their wines are fantastic. They are juicy and seem nourishing, as if you're drinking in purity and goodness. Definitely people to watch.

Commune of Buttons | Chardonnay 2014 | Adelaide Hills SA    $28

Chardonnay from the Adelaide Hills is like a delicious green fruit salad, green melon, green apple, fennel and mint. This wine is no exception. The grainy texture feels nourishing and juicy. The wine has a beautiful minerality, a dripping acidity and a touch of oak for breadth.

Commune of Buttons | Pinot Gris 2014 | Adelaide Hills SA    $28

Pinot Gris with left on skins for one week that gives this wine a hot pink/ purple electricity that translates from the eye to the mouth. The wine is called Oeil de Pedrix which translates to 'eye of the Partridge ' this dates back to the Middle Ages where a very dry and textural style of Rose was made. The wine is full and has tannin and grip. Extremely dry but still fruity. Easy drinking and delicious.

Commune of Buttons | Pinot Noir 2014 | Adelaide Hills SA     $28

This Pinot Noir is fresh and spicy. Bright, juicy fruit, but delicate tannins and a brambley texture. This Pinot definitely has an Adelaide Hills feel, with sour cherries and raspberries, a damp earthiness and a slight hint of aniseed. It's a wine that I want to drink all of the time, but not a wine that will get in the way of a catch-up with friends.

Commune of Buttons | Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot | Adelaide Hills SA    $28

Really fresh, but powerful. The wine is very light and juicy. Although this wine is varietal, and you can definitely taste the cabernet characters, it is an entirely different approach. The wine is light and juicy, spicy tomato leaf dances around the softness of the merlot. Easy drinking and fun.

Commune of Buttons 'Rouge' | Red Blend 2014 | Adelaide Hills SA    $22

This is made as a Vin de Table wine. It's for lunchtime drinking and it meant to be delicious and not taken too seriously. It's free run Merlot blended with Pinot Noir left on gross lees. The wine is light and playful. The lees give it a grainy texture, and broader mouthfeel. It's a great wine to share with friends and food.


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