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Our Vintage 2015

Posted: Feb 26 2015

My favourite time of year is approaching, crisp whites, summer dresses and picnic blankets. Then it all kicks off, vintage begins and you hand over your sleep, time, sanity and hope that they will return in the upcoming months.

We started ours a week earlier than planned this year, and I think that crazy heat a couple of weeks back has pushed a few people forward, but the grapes tasted delicious and the acidity was still high and when they're ready to go, you get them off! This year Travis has gone from doing 1 and a half tonnes to doing 5 tonnes so I have been promoted to full vintage lackey. This means I get to do all of the messy, dirty, sticky jobs. Included in this is the job of head basket press cleaner and the extremely important task of making sure that the fridge is stocked with cold beers and toasted sandwich ingredients. Riesling came in on Sunday, so early starts and long drives from Clare Valley to the Adelaide Hills and back again.

3/4 of the grapes were pressed off in tank and the rest left on skins for 5 or so days, all gently bubbling away now. Semillon will be in on Monday, with Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Petit Verdot coming through in the next couple of weeks. We'll keep you posting with the upcoming progress. Good luck for V15 to all of the winemakers, dreamers, wine artists, vintage hands, lackeys, professional toasted sandwich makers and beer fridge stockers. Hope this is your best vintage yet!

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